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DEI Through My Lens: A Black Woman's Perspective

As a black woman over 40 in the dynamic realm of corporate communications, I've personally navigated the layered complexities of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). In our interconnected world, these principles are not just vital; they are transformative. In my 20-year career journey, the power of DEI in creating inclusive spaces where every voice is valued has been unmistakably clear.

Valuing Diverse Voices and Perspectives

My professional and personal experiences have underscored the importance of embracing diverse voices and perspectives. In the boardroom or the classroom, integrating these diverse viewpoints is pivotal. It’s about more than just listening; it’s about actively seeking and incorporating these voices, particularly those that mirror my own experiences as a black woman in a leadership role, into our decision-making processes.

Commitment to Equity and Fairness

Tackling issues of equity and fairness has been central to my career. Systemic inequalities, be they pay gaps or unequal access to opportunities, are realities that I, along with many others in my dual protected classes, face daily. My work has been focused on championing initiatives that dismantle these barriers and promote equity, not just in principle but in practice.

Fostering Inclusive Environments

Creating environments where everyone, regardless of their age, race, or background, feels genuinely included and respected is a commitment close to my heart. It’s about building a culture where diversity is not just tolerated but celebrated. Through my mentoring and leadership, I strive to foster an atmosphere of understanding and respect, reflective of my own experiences as a black woman navigating the professional world.

In conclusion, DEI is more than a set of principles; it’s about actively contributing to a world that is equitable and inclusive. As we navigate this complex landscape, let’s remember the role we each play in shaping a world that honors the full spectrum of human diversity.

Let's keep pushing the boundaries and working together towards a more inclusive future.


Bianca Prade



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